Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia

Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) is an ancient city built by the Tayrona people circa 800 AD. Its terraces and stone structures are accessible via a challenging 6-day trek through the jungle. Today, it remains a mysterious and awe-inspiring archaeological site.

Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia

Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia Summary

  • Attraction: Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City”
  • Country: Colombia
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: Bogotá
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Colombian Peso
  • Nationality: Colombians (Spanish: Colombianos)

Ciudad Perdida is an ancient archaeological site located in the Colombian jungle, famously referred to as the “Lost City” due to its long-forgotten status. For centuries, Ciudad Perdida has been a destination of adventure and exploration, beckoning travelers to uncover the secrets of this ancient city. It is one of Colombia’s most rewarding and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Visitors can explore the ruins, trek through spectacular landscapes, spot amazing wildlife, and experience the culture of the local people. The unforgettable experience and unique adventure of visiting Ciudad Perdida make it an unforgettable destination.

Tell Us About Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia

Ciudad Perdida (Spanish for “Lost City”) is an ancient city in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountain range in Colombia. It is believed to have been founded by the Tayrona people around 800 AD and abandoned in the area of 1450 AD.

The main attraction of Ciudad Perdida is its extensive network of terraces, built by the Tayrona, believed to have been used for agriculture and ceremonies. The site is also notable for its many stone pathways and stairways. Ciudad Perdida is home to many ancient ruins, including a pyramid, burial chambers, and several stone sculptures. Although the exact purpose of Ciudad Perdida is still unknown, it is clear that the Tayrona used the site for more than just a settlement.

Today, the ruins of Ciudad Perdida are a popular tourist attraction, and trekking tours are offered throughout the year. The 12-day hiking tour includes visits to several different archaeological sites, local villages, and the stunning scenery of the Sierra Nevada. After hiking up to 1,200 steps leading to the city’s highest point, visitors will be rewarded with stunning views, historical insights, and a sense of awe.

What are the Things to do in Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia?

Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” is one of the best places to visit in South America. Located deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountain range in Colombia, it is the most important archaeological site in the country and contains the ruins of one of the oldest and most advanced pre-Columbian civilizations.

  1. Explore the Ruins: Ciudad Perdida consists of nearly 200 stone terraces spread over 12.5 kilometers, overgrown with jungle vegetation. It is said to have been built around 800 AD, and the terraces served as stepped platforms for residences and gathering places, as well as walkways connecting the different parts of the city. Exploring these ruins is a fascinating journey into Colombia’s past.
  2. Enjoy the Scenery: The hike up to Ciudad Perdida takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery Colombia has to offer. From the lush jungle vegetation to the sweeping views of the mountain range, the natural beauty of the area will take your breath away.
  3. Learn about the Ancient Culture: When exploring the ruins you will gain insights into the mysterious Tayrona culture. With evidence of their craftsmanship still evident in the terraces, you can explore and learn more about their historically significant culture.
  4. Relax in Lost City: After exploring the ruins, you can take a break and relax in Lost City. Take some time to appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape and take in the amazing views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.
  5. Take a Guided Tour: The best way to learn about Ciudad Perdida is to take a guided tour led by locals who can share the interesting facts and stories about the ruins. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the place.

What are the Best Foods at Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia?

Some of the best foods at Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia includes:

  1. Sancocho: A stew made from fresh local ingredients including yuca, potato, chicken, pork, and beef.
  2. Bandeja Paisa: The traditional plate of Colombia, a complex combination of different ingredients like beans, rice, chorizo, fried pork rind and plantains.
  3. Arepas: A flatbread made with corn and other grains, eaten with different savory fillings.
  4. Patacones: Fried green plantains that can be served with different toppings like avocado, cheese, and pork rinds.
  5. Ajiaco: A soup made with vegetables, chicken, and potatoes, served with rice and get it topped with cream.
  6. Empanadas: Fried dough filled with cheese, beef, or vegetables and served with a variety of sauces and salsas.
  7. Mondongo: Soup made with beef tripe, chorizo and potatoes, served over white rice.
  8. Buche: Stew made from chicken and vegetables thinned with plantain juice.
  9. Tamales: Corn-based dumplings filled with pork or chicken, mixed with potatoes and olives, wrapped in a banana leaf.
  10. Aguapanela: A traditional Colombian drink made with panela (unrefined cane syrup) and water, with a touch of lime, cinnamon and cloves.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia?

The best hotels to stay in when visiting Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Colombia are:

  1. the Ecohabs Ciudad Perdida: provides guests with comfortable, modern accommodations and stunning views of the mountaintops.
  2. the Buritaca Lodge & Hostel: budget-friendly option located near to the entrance of the Tayrona National Park.

What is the Next Tourist Destination?

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