Huacachina Oasis Peru Ica Desert

Huacachina is an incredible oasis in Peru, located in the Ica desert. It’s a magical spot surrounded by towering sand dunes and a lagoon, making it a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Visitors can explore the dunes on a sandboard or dune buggy, take a dip in the lagoon, and enjoy spectacular views of the stunning desert landscape.

Huacachina Oasis Peru Incredible Oasis Ica Desert

Huacachina Oasis Peru Ica Desert Summary

  • Attraction: Huacachina Oasis
  • Country: Peru
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: Lima
  • Language: Spanish (official), English
  • Currency: The Sol
  • Nationality: Peruvian

Huacachina Oasis Peru is a desert oasis located near the Pacific Coast of Peru, surrounded by the desert and sand dunes. It is a popular destination for travelers interested in experiencing nature, adventure and relaxation. Visitors to Huacachina come to dune buggy, sandboard, explore the cactuses and soak in the relaxing atmosphere of a desert paradise. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Peru and a must visit for anyone traveling to the area.

Tell Us About Huacachina Oasis Peru

Huacachina Oasis is a spectacular lake located in the desert plains of Peru. It is a small village located between the cities of Lima and Nazca, close to Ica in the south of Peru. The lake is located in the Ica province and is a popular spot for travelers, tourists and locals alike. The oasis is surrounded by towering desert sand dunes, making it a unique and picturesque wonderland.

Visitors can explore this unique landscape by freely walking around the shore of the lake, taking pictures, and sunbathing on the beach of Lake Huacachina. Adventures seekers can also try their hand at sandboarding on the sand dunes. There are plenty of restaurants and bars surrounding the lake, and visitors can stay in one of the comfortable hotels in the village to enjoy the full experience.

What are the Things to do in Huacachina Oasis Peru?

Huacachina Oasis in Peru is a naturally stunning destination, tucked away in the barren desert just a 5-hour drive from Lima. The village itself is small and quaint, consisting mostly of adobe-style houses, but what really stands out is the shimmering oasis lagoon, surrounded by towering sand dunes. Explore the area and you will uncover amazing activities and things to do at the oasis.

  1. Sandboarding: One of the most popular activities is sandboarding. This adrenaline-filled rush takes you down flat and curved dunes, so beginners and experienced riders alike can find their perfect run. It’s thrilling, not to mention giving you the chance to put your body into a variety of poses as you sail along the sandy surface. After you finish sandboarding, you can relax and take a sunset hot air balloon ride over the oasis and its golden dunes.
  2. Exhilarating ride on a dune buggy: Whether you choose a jeep safari or a more daring bike tour, you’re sure to find plenty of thrills as you weave and tilt along the sand dunes and across a terrain filled with wildlife, lakes, and the views at the top of the mountain. If you’re brave enough, try sand duning at night for an unparalleled experience.
  3. Take a tour: explore the Huacachina ruins, a site believed to be over 600 years old. Learn about its past as you wander around the old stone structures, which remain a reminder of the area’s unique past.
  4. Explore the iconic Peru oasis lagoon: Of course, while in Huacachina, don’t miss the chance to explore the iconic Peru oasis lagoon. It’s filled with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming, wildlife and water activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking.
  5. Try out the local food: With fresh ceviche options and a nightlife, be sure to make time to savor Peru’s best dishes and enjoy a night out in Huacachina.

What are the Best Foods at Huacachina Oasis Peru?

Some of the best foods at Huacachina Oasis Peru include:

  1. Seafood – Huacachina Oasis is next to the Pacific Ocean, so the seafood is some of the freshest and best around.
  2. Pollo a la brasa – This is a roasted chicken dish that is often served with potatoes, white rice, and chili sauce.
  3. Ceviche – Ceviche is Peru’s national dish and it originates from the coastal cities of Peru. It is made of fresh raw fish and seafood marinated in lime juice.
  4. Cuy – Cuy is roasted guinea pig, a traditional dish in Peru.
  5. Inka Kola – A soda made from lime, quinine, and sugar, this is a popular drink at the oasis.
  6. Quinoa stew – Quinoa is an ancient Incan grain and is often used in a stew.
  7. Chicharrón – These are fried pork rinds and are a popular street food in Peru.
  8. Crema de Turrón – This is a creamy dessert made from peanuts, egg yolks, sugar, and eggs.
  9. Pisco Sour – A cocktail made from pisco, lime juice, and egg white, this is a popular drink in Peru.
  10. Churros – Churros are a traditional fried-dough snack eaten in Peru. They are often served with a chocolate or caramel dipping sauce.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Huacachina Oasis Peru?

The best hotels to stay in Huacachina Oasis Peru are:

  1. Paracas Resort
  2. La Hacienda y Oasis
  3. Turismo Lagoa Huacachina
  4. Grand Hotel Huacachina
  5. La Posada del Oasis
  6. Dunas Blancas Amazon EcoLodge
  7. El Huacacho Beach Resort
  8. IntiHuacachina
  9. The Hotel El Huacachena
  10. Casa del Sol Huacachina

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