National Gallery of Ireland Art Museum in Dublin

The National Gallery of Ireland is a national art museum located in Dublin. It holds Ireland’s rich collection of art including works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. With over 15,000 works from many of the world’s great masters, the gallery offers exhibitions, educational programs and opportunities for exploration and enrichment for all ages.

National Gallery of Ireland Art Museum in Dublin

National Gallery of Ireland Art Museum in DublinSummary

  • Attraction: National Gallery
  • Country: Ireland
  • Continent: Europe
  • Capital Name: Dublin
  • Language: English and Irish (Gaelic)

The National Gallery of Ireland Art Museum in Dublin is an essential source for art lovers and is a must visit for anyone interested in Irish art. The museum consists of about 15,000 works of art, ranging from various painting, sculpture, and decorative arts, to prints and photographs. It houses one of the greatest collections of European Art from the Early Medieval Period to the late Twentieth-Century. In addition, the gallery offers a variety of lectures, exhibitions, events and educational programs, making it an ideal learning and research site. In short, the National Gallery of Ireland Art Museum is the premier art museum in Dublin and must be visited in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of Irish art.

Tell Us About National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland is one of Ireland’s premier art museums. As a repository of Irish and European art, it features a permanent collection of about 14,000 paintings and various sculptures and prints. The museum was founded in 1854 and boasts a rich history, having only been closed three times in its history, during outbreaks of World War I and II, and during the Irish war of Independence.

In the modern era, the museum is an important cultural hub and spot for art lovers to visit. It hosts a variety of special exhibitions, events, and gallery talks throughout the year, as well as educational initiatives and public engagement activities. The museum also boasts a number of important artworks, including works from Jack Butler Yeats, Walter Osborne and Paul Henry.

What Things to do in National Gallery of Ireland?

Things to do in National Gallery of Ireland are:

  1. Tour the Collection: Take a tour of the National Gallery of Ireland’s main collection, featuring art from the Medieval to the modern period.
  2. Visit the Fringe Programme: Explore the Fringe Programme for the daily events, talks and guided tours of the collections.
  3. Check out the Workshops and Talks: Join an interactive workshop to gain insights into the collections or attend one of the regularly held talks about current and past exhibitions.
  4. Attend Special Events: Catch one of the many special events hosted by the National Gallery throughout the year. From gallery launches, talks and hands-on activities, there’s something for everyone.
  5. Wander the Grounds: Explore the grounds of the National Gallery of Ireland which is home to a number of historic buildings, gardens and other attractions.
  6. Sample the Café Menu: Grab a bite to eat or a coffee in the Gallery’s café or relax in the courtyard and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

What are Best Foods at National Gallery of Ireland?

Some of the best foods at National Gallery of Ireland include:

The Coffee Dock, which serves freshly-ground coffee, tea, and pastries, as well as The Galleries Restaurant and Bar, which serves a selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, and desserts. For a casual snack, there are several takeaway vendors located around the Gallery.

What are Best Hotels to Stay in National Gallery of Ireland?

The best hotels to stay in National Gallery of Ireland:

  1. The Westbury Dublin
  2. The Clarence
  3. The Merrion
  4. The Shelbourne
  5. The Marker
  6. The Morgan
  7. The Fitzwilliam Hotel
  8. The Dylan
  9. The Morrison
  10. The Gibson Hotel

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