Þingvellir National Park Iceland

Þingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Iceland. It is a site of great natural beauty and historical importance, being the major legislative site of the ancient assembly of Iceland which dated back to the 10th century. The park features the spectacular landscape of a rift valley, including the spectacular Almannagjá gorge, a majestic lake, and imposing cliffs. It is also home to many rare and endemic species of plants and animals.

Þingvellir National Park Iceland

Þingvellir National Park Iceland Summary

  • Attraction: Þingvellir National Park
  • Country: Iceland
  • Continent: Europe
  • Capital Name: Reykjavík
  • Language: Icelandic
  • Currency: Icelandic Króna
  • Nationality: Icelandic

Þingvellir National Park (also known as Thingvellir) is one of Iceland’s top attractions and an absolute must-visit destination in the country. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a truly unique experience and is known for its fascinating history and incredible nature. It is the site of Iceland’s first parliament, or Althing, which was established in 930 AD making it one of the oldest parliamentary institutions in the world.

The park offers breathtaking scenery including a rift valley, dramatic cliffs, fissures, and waterfalls, as well as being a popular dive spot located in the world’s only continental rift valley. This is an incredible natural and historic site that should not be missed when visiting Iceland.

Tell Us About Þingvellir National Park Iceland

Þingvellir National Park is a protected site in southwestern Iceland. Located in a rift valley between the North American and Eurasian continental plates, it was established as the world’s first national park in 1930. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves both as a natural and historical destination, featuring numerous geological features, a volcanic lake, and the site of Iceland’s first parliament, the Alþing.

Visitors can explore the area on numerous hiking trails, observe diverse wildlife, camp, go fishing, and snorkel in the Silfra Fissure.

What are the Things to do in Þingvellir National Park Iceland?

Things to do in Þingvellir National Park Iceland are:

  1. Go Scuba Diving in Silfra Fissure: Silfra is a fissure between the North American and Eurasian continents, making it one of the most unique places in the world to go diving.
  2. Witness the Parliament Site: Visit the site of the world’s oldest existing parliament, established in 930 AD, where the Alþing general assembly was held each summer.
  3. Hike Through the Natural Wonders: Take one of the many trails and meander through a world of natural wonders, such as the Almannagjá gorge, the Þúfalháls ridge, and more.
  4. Take a Dip Underwater: Go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Oxararfoss waterfall.
  5. Explore the Natural Geysers: Relax and take in the natural beauty of geothermal features like the Geysir and Strokkur geysers.
  6. Go Horseback Riding: Explore Þingvellir National Park and its spectacularly rugged landscape on the back of a horse.
  7. Cross the Bridge Between Continents: Visit the newly installed bridge that separates the continents and stands as a symbol of the unique geologic feature of the park.
  8. Visit the Numerous Waterfalls: Soak in the beauty of the falls such as Öxarárfoss, Faxi, and Göngujahver.
  9. Spot Wildlife: Keep an eye out for wildlife like the Arctic foxes, Bearded vultures, and the occasionally seen mink.
  10. Go Camping: Pitch a tent, build a campfire, and end the night under the stars, surrounded by some of the planet’s most stunning scenery.

What are the Best Foods at Þingvellir National Park Iceland?

The best foods at Þingvellir National Park Iceland are:

  1. Grilled salmon: Grilled salmon is a popular delicacy at Þingvellir National Park and is often served with a side of fresh vegetables and local potatoes.
  2. Icelandic lamb: Icelandic lamb is a popular dish at Þingvellir, either served as a stew or grilled to perfection.
  3. Reykjafiskur: Reykjafiskur is a traditional Icelandic fish dish that is steamed and stuffed with herring and herbs.
  4. Skyr: Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product similar to a thick yogurt that is often served with fresh berries or a sugar-topped meringue.
  5. Traditional sweets: Several traditional Icelandic sweets are available at Þingvellir National Park, including pönnukökur (pancakes) and kleinur (twists).

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Þingvellir National Park Iceland?

The best hotels in Þingvellir National Park Iceland are:

  1. Hótel Midgardur by Keahotels
  2. Hotel Grímsborgir
  3. Hotel Örk
  4. Ölfus House
  5. Hotel Skjálfandi
  6. Hotel Þingvallasel
  7. Hotel Nesjavellir
  8. Hotel Rangá
  9. Kjölur Apartments
  10. Fosshotel Nesjavellir

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