Belém Tower Portugal UNESCO World Heritage Site

Belém Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a standout amongst the most renowned milestones in Portugal. Built in 1515, the tower marks the point where ships departed for the New World. Its distinctive Manueline style showcases the richness of Portugal’s seafaring history and makes it one of the most iconic symbols of Lisbon.

Belém Tower Portugal UNESCO World Heritage Site

Belém Tower Portugal UNESCO World Heritage Site Summary

  • Attraction: Belém Tower
  • Country: Portugal
  • Continent: Europe
  • Capital Name: Lisbon
  • Language: Portuguese (official)
  • Currency: the EURO
  • Nationality: Portuguese

Belém Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in Portugal, and it is an important symbol of the Age of Discoveries, when Portugal set out to explore the world and become a global superpower. The tower is located at the mouth of the Tagus River, and its powerful architecture still stands today as a testimony to the country’s rich history and its role in world exploration. Those who visit the tower can learn more about the country’s past and enjoy unparalleled views of Lisbon, making it a must-see destination for anyone visiting the country.

Tell Us About Belém Tower Portugal

The Belém Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of Portugal’s most beloved monuments. Located in the historic port district of Belém, just 2 miles from Lisbon’s city center, the Belém Tower stands as a tribute to Portugal’s great Age of Discovery. Designed in the Manueline style, an ornate combination of Gothic and Renaissance architectural details with maritime and exotic influences.

The Tower was built between 1515-1521 on an artificial island in the estuary of the Tagus River. It served as a defensive structure but also signified the wealth and prominence acquired during Portugal’s golden Age of Discoveries. This fortified tower helped protect and control the entrance of ships into Lisbon harbor and was the departure point for several of the great navigators, such as Vasco de Gama and Magellan.

Today, the Belém Tower is a major cultural symbol, a popular tourist attraction, and a reminder of the achievements during Portugal’s Age of Discovery. Visitors can spend a day exploring the iconic monument and its sights, such as its elaborate façade, its 23.6-meter-high tower, the panoramic terrace, and even climb up to the top! The Belém Tower is definitely an essential Lisbon experience.

What Things to do in Belém Tower Portugal?

Things to do in Belém Tower Portugal are:

  1. Take a guided tour of the Belém Tower: Get to know the history, architecture and incredible views that the tower has to offer on a guided tour.
  2. Wander through Jerónimos Monastery: Admire the intricate architecture of this 15th-century building and spot its iconic Manueline facades.
  3. Visit the Maritime Museum: Learn more about the history of seafaring in Portugal and explore the various artifacts on display.
  4. Walk the Belém waterfront: Head south to the Belém waterfront and enjoy lovely views of the Tejo river.
  5. Explore Belém Cultural Center: Stop by the museum to take in a variety of exhibitions and art installations.
  6. Visit the Belém Palace: Stop by the official residence of the President of Portugal to admire its stunning architecture.
  7. Explore Monument to the Discoveries: Throw your collection of coins into the river at this monument commemorating the great Portuguese explorers.
  8. Have a pastry at Pasteis de Belém: Sample the world-famous pastry tarts that have made this cafe a local treasure.

What are Best Foods at Belém Tower Portugal?

The best foods at Belém Tower Portugal are:

  1. Pasteis de Belém: These delicious custard tarts are a must-try when visiting Belém Tower.
  2. Bacalhau a bras: This traditional Portuguese dish of shredded salted cod is a deliciously creamy favorite.
  3. Galinha à Belém: This chicken dish is cooked in a belém-style sauce with potatoes and onions.
  4. Francesinha: This sandwich is one of Portugal’s most famous dishes and is made with steak, cheese, ham, and a spicy sauce.
  5. Caldeirada de peixe: This traditional fish stew is made with a variety of fish, potatoes, onions, and tomato.
  6. Toucinho do céu: This traditional Portuguese dessert is made with sugar, eggs, and almonds.

What are Best Hotels to Stay in Belém Tower Portugal?

The best hotels to stay in Belém Tower Portugal are:

  1. Hotel Mibu Belém Tower
  2. Altis Belém Hotel & Spa
  3. Hotel Torre de Belém, Lisbon
  4. Hotel do Chiado
  5. Memmo Alfama Hotel, Lisbon
  6. Hotel LX Design & Lifestyle, Lisbon
  7. Altis Prime Hotel
  8. Abril & Sena Hotel
  9. Pousada de Lisboa – Belém, Lisbon
  10. Lisotel Hoteis Luxo & Design, Lisbon

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