Sacred Valley Peru Snow Capped Mountains

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a region of stunning beauty, with its snow-capped mountains, multicolored mountains, and the magical Urubamba River winding its way through. Explore Inca ruins, traditional villages, and local markets, where you can get a glimpse into the living culture of the Andes. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Sacred Valley Peru Snow Capped Mountains

Sacred Valley Peru Snow Capped Mountains Summary

  • Attraction: Sacred Valley Peru
  • Country: Peru
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: Lima
  • Language: Spanish (official), English
  • Currency: The Sol
  • Nationality: Peruvian

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a breathtaking region of Peru that offers travelers incredible views of some of the world’s most stunning mountains and valleys. It’s the perfect place to experience Peru’s incredible culture, history, and natural beauty. The Sacred Valley is over seventy miles long, so visitors can easily explore ancient Inca sites, unique markets, colorful deserts and rivers, and a wide variety of ancient farming terraces. Travelers can also take part in activities such as whitewater rafting, trekking, mountain biking, and horseback riding for an even more immersive experience.

Tell Us About Sacred Valley Peru

Sacred Valley Peru is a spectacular valley located in the Peruvian Andes and is noted for its beautiful landscapes and its connection to the Inca Empire. It is situated between Cuzco, the historic capital of the Incas, and Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

The valley is home to the majority of the Inca archaeological sites and traditional villages, many of which are still inhabited by Quechua people. These sites offer a unique insight into the ancient world and include ancient terraces, irrigation systems, and hiking trails.

Along with its archaeological sites, Sacred Valley Peru also offers stunning views of the towering mountains of the Andes and the sparkling waters of the Urubamba River. Visitors to the valley can engage in outdoor activities such as river rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, and paragliding, or explore the village markets and enjoy traditional local dishes.

Sacred Valley Peru is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru and is an essential component of any visit to the country. The area provides a breathtaking introduction to its fascinating history and the many wonders Peru has to offer.

What are the Things to do in Sacred Valley Peru?

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a lush, stunning valley filled with Incan sites and archaeological ruins, rivers, and traditional towns, making it a good choice for travellers looking for an immersive and unique experience in Peru. Here are a few of the top things to do in the Sacred Valley of Peru:

  1. Visit Ollantaytambo: This awe-inspiring Inca town has the best-preserved Inca ruins in Peru and has a beautiful, cobbled plaza that overlooks the terraced hillside of the Urubamba River.
  2. Explore the Pisac Market and Ruins: This vibrant local market is held in the village of Pisac every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Spend the morning checking out local wares, including jewelry, handmade souvenirs, and handmade weavings, before heading up to the stunning Inca ruins that oversee the Urubamba Valley.
  3. Visit Chinchero: This traditional Andean village high up in the mountains of the Sacred Valley offers stunning views of the valley and mountains. Visit the local Incan ruins, churches and markets and learn about the local Peruvian culture and customs.
  4. Take a Rafting Trip Down the Urubamba River: This is a great way to get out and explore the Sacred Valley’s stunning landscapes. You can go whitewater rafting, kayaking, or canoeing and have the chance to explore hidden Incan ruins and stunning waterfalls.
  5. Visit Moray and Maras Salinas: Moray is an archeological site that features amazing Incan ruins and terraces cut into the hillside. Maras Salinas is a salt flat that offers picturesque views of the valley and the terraced sides of its ponds.
  6. Visit an Indigenous Quechua Community in Patacancha: This small Quechua community, located high up in the Sacred Valley, offers travellers an invaluable insight into the traditional culture of the region. Here you can learn about the locals’ unique customs and way of life.
  7. Go Trekking in the Sacred Valley: Whether it is easy or challenging, take some time to explore Peru’s Sacred Valley on foot. You can go for a gentle walk with a local guide, or for a more challenging two-day trek to Machu Picchu.

Overall, the Sacred Valley of Peru is an incredible area to explore and a must-visit for any traveler heading to Peru. With its lush landscapes, traditional villages, and Incan ruins, the Sacred Valley has so much to offer.

What are the Best Foods at Sacred Valley Peru?

Some of the best foods at Sacred Valley Peru include:

  1. Chicha Morada: This traditional drink made from purple corn and spices can be found all over Peru.
  2. Roast Guinea Pig: Not for everyone, but a traditional dish made from roasted guinea pig from the region of the Sacred Valley.
  3. Quinoa Stew: Quinoa is a favorite grain in Peru, and you’ll often find it in this stew packed with potatoes, corn, and carrots.
  4. Canguil Dorado: A fried snack made from corn and cancha (dried corn), this is a popular street food.
  5. Caldo de Gallina: This hearty chicken soup combines potatoes, corn, and carrots in broth.
  6. Papa Rellena: This fried potato-based snack is stuffed with beef, raisins, and olives.
  7. Alpaca: A popular meat, alpaca meat is a lean and flavorful option.
  8. Churos: Churos are long, crunchy fried pieces of dough. You can find them filled with sweet or savory ingredients.
  9. Tamales: These steamed packets of dough are filled with cheese, olives, walnuts, or chicken.
  10. Humitas: These steamed tamales are made with a mixture of grain, onion, chile, and cheese.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Sacred Valley Peru?

The best hotels to stay in Sacred Valley Peru are:

  1. Soly Luna Lodge & Spa, Urubamba
  2. Pumamarka Lodge & Spa, Calca
  3. Tambo del Inka Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Urubamba
  4. Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Cusco
  5. Pachar Guest House and Eco Lodge, Urubamba
  6. Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, Urubamba
  7. Monasterio Hotel, Cusco
  8. Tambo del Inka, Urubamba
  9. Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Yucay
  10. Tierra Viva Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Machu Picchu

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