Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina Jujuy Province

Quebrada de Humahuaca is a beautiful valley in northwestern Argentina, located in Jujuy Province. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its spectacular scenery and colorful rock formations. The region has a rich cultural history, with evidence of human settlement dating back 10,000 years. The area has been home to a variety of indigenous peoples and farmers over the centuries, whose influence can still be seen in local customs and celebrations. The area is popular with tourists, who come to experience the awe-inspiring scenery and engaging culture.

Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina Jujuy Province

Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina Jujuy Province Summary

  • Attraction: Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina
  • Country: Argentina
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: Buenos Aires
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Argentine Peso
  • Nationality: Argentinian

There are many reasons to visit Quebrada de Humahuaca in Argentina. The stunning landscapes of the region have been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a delight to behold. The area is also known for its unique pre-Columbian culture and archaeological sites, including Incan ruins and rock art.

It is one of the most stunning destinations in the country, full of stunning mountains, terraced hillsides, and breathtaking canyons. The valley is a great place for outdoor activities, hikes, recreational tours, and local cuisine. Finally, visitors can experience vibrant indigenous culture and cuisine, making it an ideal place to experience the rich culture and history of the region.

Tell Us About Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina

Quebrada de Humahuaca is a narrow valley located in the province of Jujuy, Argentina and is part of the larget Quebrada System of northwest Argentina. It’s considered a cultural landscape because for over 10,000 years it has hosted various peoples and cultures that have left their mark in the form of archaeological and religious structures, such as pucarás and churches.

This valley lies in the shadow of the imposing summit of Mount Humahuaca and is delimited by the Torotoro hills in the south and Porco hills in the north. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site, as it is home to many prehistoric paintings, religious monuments and colonial architecture.

What are the Things to do in Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina?

Quebrada de Humahuaca is a stunningly beautiful place located in the northwestern part of Argentina, close to the border with Bolivia. With its beautiful colors, rock formations and cultural influences, it has become a very popular destination among tourists.

Given its uniqueness and beauty, there are lots of things to do in Quebrada de Humahuaca. Here are some of them:

  1. Visit the town of Purmamarca: This is a small town located right in the middle of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. It’s known for its colorful mountains, which create an unforgettable experience. There are many things to do in Purmamarca, such as visiting the seven colors hill, the traditional artisan market, and the Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of the Seven Colors).
  2. Hiking in San Salvador de Jujuy: This city is surrounded by many hills, so one can go on a hike and explore the surroundings. It’s a great opportunity to experience the stunning natural beauty of the region.
  3. Go on a Jeep tour: Jeep tours are a fun way to explore the Quebrada de Humahuaca, as you get to experience the stunning beauty of the region stop at any points during your journey. The ride is guaranteed to be thrilling and amazing.
  4. Visit Tres Cruces National Park: The park is home to some of the region’s most stunning landscape and wildlife. Depending on the time you go, you’ll get to experience everything from the exotic wildlife to the snow-capped mountains.
  5. Go on a biking tour: Biking is a fun way to explore the Quebrada de Humahuaca. Sick of the Jeep tours? Why not hop on a bike and go on an adventure? You’ll get to experience the stunning beauty of the region, while also having a great workout!
  6. Visit Tilcara: This is a picturesque village located in the middle of the Quebrada de Humahuaca. There are lots of things to do in Tilcara, such as wandering around the town and visiting the museums. You can also hike the trails that surround the town and experience the stunning natural beauty of the region.
  7. Explore the Humahuaca ravine: The ravine is a stunningly beautiful area of the Quebrada de Humahuaca region. You can go on a guided tour that will guide you through the area’s rich cultural heritage, as well as its stunning natural beauty.
  8. Attend the Carnivals: Every year, many cities in the region host different carnivals that feature music, dance and colorful costumes. Sometimes, there are traditional Andean dances as well. If you’re lucky, you might even get to witness a beauty contest!
  9. Visit La Quiaca: This is located at the border with Bolivia, and it’s an excellent way to experience both cultures. You can explore the renowned market, where you can buy various souvenirs and food items, as well as the ruins of San Javier, which are thought to be 1000 years old.

Overall, there’s a lot to experience in the beautiful Quebrada de Humahuaca. With its stunning landscapes, colonial history, cultural influences and traditional customs, this is a destination that every traveler should visit.

What are the Best Foods at Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina?

Some of the best foods at Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina include:

  1. Empanadas: Empanadas are a popular snack throughout Argentina, and the ones you’ll find in Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina, or Jujuy Province, are especially delicious. They are filled with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, meat, and vegetables, and can be served either hot or cold.
  2. Humitas: A traditional dish of the region, humitas are small corn tamales that are steamed in corn husks. They are usually filled with cheese and are a popular street food.
  3. Chulengo: Chulengo is a thick stew made with potatoes, chili peppers, and onion and often served with llama or beef. It’s a popular dish in the region, and one of the best dishes you can find in Quebrada de Humahuaca.
  4. Tamales: Tamales are a favorite in Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina, and usually filled with beef, chicken, or cheese. They’re served with a spicy chili sauce.
  5. Empanadas de Verde: This delicious dish is filled with veggies, including spinach and chard, and is usually served with a spicy sauce made from aji peppers.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina?

The best hotels to stay in Quebrada de Humahuaca Argentina are:

  1. Villa María Hotel & Spa 46°
  2. Casa Real Hotel
  3. El Obraje de Humahuaca
  4. Casa de la Cultura
  5. Posada de los Montes
  6. Hosteria El Cabildo
  7. Hotel Colores del Valle
  8. Las Manzanas Doradas
  9. Casona Luxury Hotel & Spa
  10. El Abundante Hotel & Eco-spa

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