Valley of the Moon Region of Moquegua Bolivia

Surrounded by cacti and soaring volcanoes, the Valley of the Moon in Bolivia is an awe-inspiring landscape. Formed by the weathering of volcanic ash, the valley is home to multiple lagoons, vast salt flats and dramatic red rock formations, all offering a breathtaking backdrop of desert scenery.

Valley of the Moon Region of Moquegua Bolivia

Valley of the Moon Region of Moquegua Bolivia Summary

  • Attraction: Valley of the Moon Bolivia
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: La Paz, Sucre
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Bolivian boliviano (BOB)
  • Nationality: Bolivian

Valley of the Moon, also known as Valley of the Rocks or Valle de la Luna, is a unique geological site located in the Andes of Bolivia. This magical place is home to an array of stunning landscapes, including eroded sandstone formations and monolithic rocks, all bathed in the glow of the moon at night. It’s a great place to explore and take in the spectacular scenery, and visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, and mountain biking. The valley is also rich in natural resources, so visiting it is a great way to learn about the ecosystem and experience the indigenous culture of the region.

Tell Us About Valley of the Moon Bolivia

Valley of the Moon, or Valle de la Luna, is a spectacularly surreal moon-like landscape located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile and parts of southwest Bolivia. The landscape consists of sandstone, salt, and a variety of mineral deposits that have been weathered and sculpted by wind, sun, and rain into a topography of fantastical shapes. From the top of its highest hills, the Valley offers breathtaking views of the neighboring desert and salt flats, as well as of the distant Andes Mountains. The red and ochre mountains and hills are home to a unique variety of cacti and other desert species, which contribute to the Valleys’ otherworldly atmosphere.

What are the Things to do in Valley of the Moon Bolivia?

Valley of the Moon, Bolivia is an incredible place to experience nature in its purest form. It is a beautiful and serene natural sanctuary located in Potosí highlands, which overlooks the Laguna Hedionda. Here, you can experience stunning landscapes, explore caves and canyons, ride mountain bikes, and appreciate the flora and fauna of the region.

  1. Take a horseback riding tour: you can explore the stunning landscapes of the area and observe the unique flora and fauna. Horseback riding is one of the best ways to ride through this magical place, surrounded by the snowcapped mountains from the Cordillera Real Mountain range.
  2. Visit the Cave of Winds: located at 3,600 meters, this cave is home to some incredible geological curiosities, such as ancient cave paintings, formations, and the site of worship for the ancient inhabitants of this area.
  3. Go mountain biking: another amazing activity you can do in the Valley of the Moon is mountain biking. You can explore the trails that go through spectacular scenery, with snow-capped mountains looming in the distance!
  4. Try the thermal pools: one of the most popular attractions in the Valley of the Moon are the thermal pools. You can relax in the warm waters surrounded by the towering mountains, and experience true relaxation.
  5. Explore the area’s flora and fauna: Valley of the Moon is home to some incredible species of flora and fauna, like the Bolivian nacional butterfly and the giant hummingbird. Take a stroll through the area and observe some of the stunning species of plants and animals.
  6. Visit the Valley of Death: the Valley of Death is an area located in the Valley of the Moon with incredible rock formations and a unique atmosphere that is rarely found elsewhere in the world. The sculptures and walls of solid rock make this place an incredible sight to behold.

Visiting Valley of the Moon is a memorable experience, and one that will stay with you forever. Whether you are looking for adventure, want to take in stunning natural sights, or appreciate the unique flora and fauna of the area, the Valley of the Moon won’t disappoint.

What are the Best Foods at Valley of the Moon Bolivia?

Some of the best foods at Valley of the Moon Bolivia include:

  1. Grilled Salteña: a deep-fried pastry filled with a savory beef or chicken stew.
  2. Pollo Silpancho: a traditional dish consisting of thinly-pounded chicken fried in a spicy sauce and served on top of french fries.
  3. Papa Rellena: a potato ball stuffed with vegetables, herbs, and spices.
  4. Pique Macho: a traditional Bolivian dish of steak, potatoes, onions, and hot peppers.
  5. Sajra: a spicy and cheesy Bolivian soup made with potatoes, corn, and cheese.
  6. Corn Cholopo: a traditional Bolivian stew made with corn, pepper, cheese, and nuts.
  7. Queso K’allani: a traditional Bolivian cheese dish made with a combination of goat and cow’s-milk cheeses.
  8. Llama Shish Kebab: a regional specialty featuring marinated llama skewers served with potatoes.
  9. Trigo Parlante: a sweet pastry stuffed with raisins and nuts and dusted with powdered sugar.
  10. Api: a sweet corn-based beverage made with cinnamon and spices.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Valley of the Moon Bolivia?

The best hotels to stay in Valley of the Moon Bolivia are:

  1. Refugio del Alto Amazonas Lodge – This luxurious eco-lodge is set on a remote hilltop in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and offers stunning mountain views, exclusive activities, and luxurious accommodations.
  2. La Estancia Kaata – Located in a magical setting near the Ucayali River and Madre de Dios region, La Estancia Kaata is surrounded by lush vegetation and diverse wildlife, offering visitors a real taste of the Amazon rainforest.
  3. Casa del Condor – Casa del Condor is a modern and luxurious lodge situated in the remote Puna of the Yungas in the Valley of the Moon region. This sustainable eco-lodge was created to bring together humans and nature, offering breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor activities.
  4. Refugio Chilo Chilo – This remote and hidden lodge is located in the lush vegetation and ecological wonders of the Valley of the Moon in the Andes mountains. The lodge offers a unique experience of discovering the unique flora and fauna of the region.
  5. La Roca Ecolodge – This ecolodge is tucked away in the Valle de las Yungus, close to the Bolivian border. Its seventeenth century style makes it a perfect getaway to relax and enjoy its stunning views. The lodge offers comfortable rooms, delicious local cuisine and personalized activities.

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