Yungas Road Bolivia Most Dangerous Roads in the World

The Yungas Road in Bolivia is a stretch of road known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is a winding, single lane road carved into the side of a mountain, with no guardrails and countless hairpin turns. It is considered treacherous due to its steep drop-off, unpredictable fog, and tight curves. The road has claimed over 300 lives since it was built in the 1930s, and drivers must stay alert to avoid potential tragedies.

Yungas Road Bolivia Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Yungas Road Bolivia Most Dangerous Roads in the World Summary

  • Attraction: Yungas Road
  • Country: Bolivia
  • Continent: South America
  • Capital Name: La Paz, Sucre
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Bolivian boliviano (BOB)
  • Nationality: Bolivian

Yungas Road Bolivia is an incredibly scenic stretch of road that is known as the “world’s most dangerous road” because of its steep cliffs and hairpin turns. The road is a thrilling ride and provides some of the best views in all of Bolivia. Yungas Road also connects the Amazon rainforest of northern Bolivia to the city of La Paz, also known as “The City of the Sky”. Visitors can take in the stunning vistas, explore old ruins, and even enjoy some extreme mountain biking along this road.

Tell Us About Yungas Road Bolivia

Yungas Road, also known as the “Death Road”, is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is located in Bolivia and is 67 miles in length connecting La Paz to Coroico. At its highest point, the road reaches an elevation of 15,430 ft, making it one of the highest elevation roads in the world. The road has dozens of hairpins turns, narrow paved sections and steep drops. The road is made even more dangerous due to the large number of trucks and buses that use it every day. Despite these dangers, many mountain biking tours have started to offer trips along the Yungas Road, but this should only be done with extreme caution.

What are the Things to do in Yungas Road Bolivia?

Yungas Road, Bolivia is one of the most dangerous roads in the world due to its treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather. Despite being a dangerous route, it is also one of the most interesting and beautiful drives you can experience in Bolivia. Here are some of the things to do in Yungas Road, Bolivia.

  1. Take in the mesmerizing views of the Yungas tropical rainforest. From the road, you will see an endless array of vibrant green foliage, sloping hills and plunging valleys.
  2. Visit the Coroico Waterfalls. Located atop a steep hill, these falls offer a spectacular sight of water cascading down into a majestic lagoon.
  3. Take a ride on the Highway of Death. Also known as El Camino de La Muerte, this route will take you along a narrow ribbon of switchback roads, over fog-shrouded valleys, and through lush cloud forests.
  4. Grab a bite to eat at Coroico or Alemane. Both of these small towns offer great restaurants and dining experiences with a unique local flavor.
  5. Go whitewater rafting on the Las Guatinas and Azangaro rivers. Here you will find some of Bolivia’s best whitewater rafting spots.
  6. Take a hike along the John Kennedy Trail. This peaceful trail connects Patacamaya to Tupiza, taking you through eucalyptus forests and lush vegetation.
  7. Explore the ruins of Cobija. This abandoned town was once the capital of Yungas province and is now home to several historic buildings and monuments.
  8. Visit the Orureña archaeological site. This site provides amazing insight into the pre-Inca culture of the Yungas region.
  9. Get up close and personal with the local wildlife. From spectacled bears and vultures to toucans and monkeys, you’ll find an array of animals that call the Yungas home.
  10. Visit the Chapare Cocoa Plantations. On the Yungas Road, you’ll find some of the world’s best organic cocoa plantations, offering you a delightful and educational experience.

What are the Best Foods at Yungas Road Bolivia?

Some of the best foods at Yungas Road Bolivia include:

  1. Salteñas – These traditional Bolivian pastries are filled with meat, potatoes, vegetables and spices.
  2. Chicharrones – These fried pork rinds are a Bolivian snack staple.
  3. Mocochinchi – This sweet, delicately spiced drink is made from peaches.
  4. Singani – This pisco-like liquor is made from white Muscat of Alexandria grapes.
  5. Llajwa – This spicy tomato-based salsa is served with almost every dish.
  6. Silpancho – A Bolivian take on the Latin American classic of steak, potatoes, salad and a fried egg, served over a crispy corn-based patty.
  7. Empanadas – These savory turnovers are filled with beef, chicken and/or cheese, deep fried and served with a tangy salsa.
  8. Api – This creamy corn drink is served either hot or cold.
  9. Humitas – A street vendor favorite, these cornmeal dumplings are spiced with ají and served with llajwa.
  10. Anticuchos – This popular street food consists of grilled beef heart skewers, marinated in vinegar, garlic and spices.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Yungas Road Bolivia?

The best hotels to stay in Yungas Road Bolivia are:

  1. Casa de Montaña Villa Abstgona (Luribay)
  2. Hotel Valle Hermoso (Villa Abstgona)
  3. Yungas Hotel (Cochabamba)
  4. Hotel El Refugio (Coroico)
  5. Hostal Abstgona (Luribay)
  6. Hotel La Cumbre (Coroico)
  7. Hotel Casa Condor (Coroico)
  8. Elite Yungas Lodge (Carrasco)
  9. La Cascada Hotel Boutique (Villa Abstgona)
  10. Hostal Tupiza (Cochabamba).

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