Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Spectacular Natural Wonders

Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. Situated on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Falls consists of a series of zigzag cascades with a drop of 108 metres into the Zambezi Gorge, an awe-inspiring sight of spray and thundering water.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Spectacular Natural Wonders

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Spectacular Natural Wonders Summary

  • Attraction Name: Victoria Falls
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Continent: African
  • Capital Name: Harare
  • Language: Shona, Ndebele, English
  • Currency: United States Dollar
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is a stunning natural wonder that is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience one of the world’s greatest wonders. Located in Southern Africa, it is Africa’s largest waterfall and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Its spectacular 1,708-meters wide curtain of falling water attracts thousands of visitors from around the world who come to experience its beauty and majesty. Victoria Falls is an awe-inspiring sight and provides endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

From helicopter rides in the mist of the falls to bungee jumping off the bridge that separates Zimbabwe from Zambia, the adventurous traveler will never run out of things to do. Visitors can also enjoy white-water rafting, abseiling, gorge-swinging, and game drives. Wildlife viewing is particularly popular in the area and visitors can spot elephants, hippos, buffalos, antelopes, and many other species of animals in their natural habitat.

Tell us about Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi River near the Livingstone border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is the largest waterfall in the world and is considered the eighth wonder of the natural world. The falls have an estimated height of 108 meters (354 feet) and a width of 1.7 kilometers (1 mile). The sound of the falls can be heard from a great distance and a cloud of spray can be seen from up to 30 kilometers (19 miles) away.

The local Tonga people call the falls “Mosi-oa-Tunya” or “The Smoke that Thunders”. The falls are visited by millions of people each year, making them one of the top tourist attractions in the region. There are a wide range of activities at the falls, including whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, bridge swinging and bridge sliding. There is also an angel view of the falls, a rainforest walk, a viewpoint and a cultural village.

What are the things to do in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe?

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to experience and explore. One of the most popular activities is taking a guided tour of the magnificent Victoria Falls, which is the Zimbabwean side of the border with Zambia. The Falls are known for their incredible size and beauty and are an awe-inspiring experience. For those looking for a more adventurous experience, there are popular activities like white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and a wide array of water sport activities.

The town of Victoria Falls also offers a great variety of culture and history, as well as plenty of shops, restaurants and taverns. Take a guided walking tour to learn more about the town’s history and culture, or explore the many art galleries, antique shops or craft markets. For animal lovers, explore the nearby national parks and safari reserves which are home to a variety of wildlife including elephants, giraffes, lions and leopards. It is also possible to take a sunset cruise on the great Zambezi River or explore the many cultural villages of Zimbabwe.

If you are looking for some relaxation and pampering, there are plenty of spas in the area which offer a variety of treatments such as massages, facials and body wraps. There are also many photographer spots for those looking to capture the beauty of Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas. For the adventurous traveler, there are opportunities for sky diving, abseiling, and helicopter rides that take you over the Falls so you can get closer to the spectacular views.

For the more active traveler, Victoria Falls offers many opportunities for zip-lining, mountain climbing and the thrill of big game hunting. There are also several international golf courses in the area, including the Zambezi Golf Club, home of the annual Victoria Falls Open Championship.

No matter your budget or preference, there is something for everyone in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

What are the best foods at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe?

The best foods to try at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe are:

  1. Zambezi Hospitality Fish – This delicious fish dish is a combination of fresh tilapia, paprika, garlic and cream, served in a tangy tomato-based sauce.
  2. Crevettes – Deep fried crayfish with a flavorful and salty batter, served with a spicy dip.
  3. Curry Pies – Deep-fried, spicy beef, chicken or vegetable-filled pastry.
  4. Safari Omelette – Large, tasty omelette consisting of bacon, onion, peppers, egg and cheese.
  5. Sosaties – Morsels of lamb, beef or chicken barbequed on skewers and served with sauces.
  6. Fried Pork Fillet Strip with Fried Banana – Fried until crispy and drizzled with honey mustard sauce, served with sweet fried bananas.
  7. Spicy Riversong – This signature dish of wild African game, slow cooked in a spicy sauce and accompanied with cous cous.
  8. Sugar Cane Juice – Refreshingly sweet juice made from fresh sugar cane stalks that is enjoyed all across the continent.
  9. Biltong – South African jerky made with cured, dried and sometimes spiced meats.
  10. Vetkoek – Fried dough balls served with fillings like ground beef, potatoes and chutney, or marshmallows and syrup.

What are the best hotels to stay in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe?

The best hotels to stay in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe are:

  1. Elephant Hills Resort
  2. Safari Lodge
  3. Victoria Falls Waterfront
  4. Victoria Falls Hotel
  5. Ilala Lodge
  6. A’Zambezi River Lodge
  7. Thorntree River Lodge
  8. The Kingdom at Victoria Falls Hotel
  9. Lokuthula Lodges
  10. Chenane Resort Hotel

What is the next tourist destination after you visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Spectacular Natural Wonders?

The next best attractions in Zimbabwe you must visit are:

  1. Great Zimbabwe National Monument
  2. Lake Kariba
  3. Mana Pools National Park
  4. Hwange National Park
  5. Matobo National Park
  6. Chimanimani National Park
  7. Nyanga National Park
  8. Zambezi River
  9. Chimanimani Mountains

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