Boquete Panama Beautiful Mountain Town in Chiriquí

Boquete is a beautiful mountain town located in the Chiriquí province of Panama. It is a popular destination among tourists, drawn to its lush landscape, stunning views of Volcan Baru, and unique activities like Whitewater Rafting and Ziplining. An outdoor enthusiast paradise, Boquete is perfect for birdwatching, hiking, cycling, and many other outdoor pursuits. There is something here for everyone!

Boquete Panama Beautiful Mountain Town in Chiriquí

Boquete Panama Beautiful Mountain Town in Chiriquí Summary

  • Attraction Name: Boquete
  • Country: Panama
  • Continent: North America
  • Capital Name: Panama City
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
  • Nationality: Panamanian

There are many reasons to visit Boquete Panama. Located in the highlands of Chiriqui province, Boquete offers stunning natural beauty and plenty of activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike. From breathtaking hikes and waterfalls to unique local culture, there is something for everyone! This place is also known for its excellent coffee, organic farms, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Lastly, this place also home to some of the best hot springs and thermal baths in the country.

Tell Us About Boquete Panama

Boquete is a stunning small town located in Panama, located in the Chiriquí Province. It is among one of the most popular retirement destinations in Central America and was once a small farming community, but has since developed into a diverse tourist destination for the region. The town is known for its gorgeous surroundings, with panoramic views of the Baru Volcano and the Jaramillo Mountain. The town is also home to many outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, and birding.

Boquete also boasts an abundance of coffee varieties, with incredibly rich and flavorful coffee plantations dotted around the town. This place is a great destination for soaking up natural wonders, and the locals are known to be friendly and welcoming.

What are the Things to do in Boquete Panama?

Boquete Panama is a beautiful location for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation. The area is home to stunning scenery, warm temperatures all year round, and friendly locals. Here are some of the top things to do when visiting Boquete Panama:

  1. Enjoy coffee in the Baru Volcano National Park: Boquete is the coffee-growing capital of Panama, and a visit to one of the farms in the Baru Volcano National Park is definitely worth it. Taste and learn about the processes used to grow and roast the beans and take a tour of the facilities.
  2. Soak up the sun on the beaches of Bocas del Toro: Bocas del Toro is a Caribbean Island located in the northern part of Panama. With its beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and unique wildlife, it is the perfect place to spend the day in the sun.
  3. Explore Boquete’s Gardens and Waterfalls: Known for its lush landscapes and impressive waterfalls. Be sure to visit El Salto, La Fortuna, and Copinol Falls for some breathtaking views. The gardens at Danta, El Bajo de Toro, and La Casa de Los Abuelos are also filled with native flora and fauna.
  4. Hike up the Baru Volcano: The tallest mountain in Panama is the Baru Volcano, and it’s a great place to hike and take in the views. You can start at Boquete and wind your way up to the summit, admiring the spectacular views of the Chiriquí region.
  5. Go horseback riding and zip lining: If you want an adrenaline rush, this place has plenty of exciting activities to offer. The Boquete Adventure Park has horseback riding trails as well as a zipline course with three different zip lines.
  6. Enjoy birdwatching in the Fortuna Nature Reserve: Home to diverse ecosystems, the Fortuna Nature Reserve is the perfect place to explore and witness amazing birdlife. Visit during the wet season from December to March when the foliage is lush and vibrant, and the birds are out in full force.
  7. Shop for local crafts in the Boquete Craft Markets: When it comes to souvenirs and gifts, this place just can’t be beat. At the local markets, you’ll find everything from sculptures and jewelry crafted from native woods to handmade fabric purses and other unique pieces.

No matter what your interests, Boquete Panama offers something for everyone. From its magnificent natural beauty to its traditional hospitality, to its lively arts and culture, you’ll be sure to love your visit to this beautiful part of the world.

What are the Best Foods at Boquete Panama?

The best foods at Boquete Panama are:

  1. Tamales – Tamales are Boquete’s favorite dish and can be found at most restaurants and food stands. Made with either chicken, beef, pork or cheese wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, they are delicious and perfect for a quick snack.
  2. Empanadas de Platano – Similar to a tamale, these empanadas are made with mashed plantains, cheese and spices. The sweet and savory treats are popular all over Boquete.
  3. Raspao – A type of shaved ice treat with fruit syrup and condensed milk, raspao is a refreshing way to beat the heat.
  4. Carne Asada – This flavorful grilled beef often includes onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Carne asada makes a great street food meal.
  5. Chicha de Maíz – Chicha de Maíz is a traditional beverage made from fermented corn and spices. The flavor and strength of the drink varies from region to region.
  6. Sancocho de Gallina – Sancocho de Gallina is a hearty stew made with chicken and vegetables. The stew is often served with a side of fried plantains.
  7. Ceviche – A popular seafood dish, ceviche is made with fresh fish cured in lime juice, cilantro, and onions.
  8. Patacones – Patacones are fried green plantains that are pounded flat. The result is a crispy treat that can be served sweet or savory.
  9. Arroz con Pollo – This classic dish is made with long-grain rice and chicken and is a staple in Boquete cuisine.
  10. Pan de Coco – Pan de Coco is a sweet bread made with shredded coconut. It is usually found in Panaderías in Boquete.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in Boquete Panama?

The best hotels in Boquete Panama are:

  1. Panamonte Inn & Spa
  2. Boquete Tree Trek Eco Lodge
  3. The Hummingbird Inn
  4. Cala Mia Boutique Hotel
  5. Volcano View Hotel
  6. Hotel Nube de Osa
  7. El Santuario
  8. Hostel Boquete House
  9. Casa Verde Lodge
  10. Valle Escondido Resort, Golf & Spa

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