The Panama Canal World's Most Efficient Waterways

The Panama Canal is a 48 mile long man-made waterway that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, providing passage for ships between the Caribbean and Pacific regions. Completed in 1914, its locks, dams and artificial lakes have enabled one of the world’s most efficient waterways.

The Panama Canal World's Most Efficient Waterways

The Panama Canal World's Most Efficient Waterways Summary

  • Attraction Name: The Panama Canal
  • Country: Panama
  • Continent: North America
  • Capital Name: Panama City
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
  • Nationality: Panamanian

The Panama Canal is an important historical and engineering marvel, and one of the world’s most important waterways. A visit to the canal offers an opportunity to explore the site’s incredible history and appreciate the vast engineering undertaking necessary to complete the canal. Visitors can also witness the impressive operations of the canal’s locks and marvel at the vast ships that pass through the canal every day. The canal is also surrounded by lush tropical rainforests and many animal species, making it a must-see attraction for nature-lovers.

Tell Us About The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a manmade waterway located in Central America. It stretches over 50 miles (80 km) across the Isthmus of Panama, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The canal provides a shortcut for ships to travel between the two oceans, as the waters would otherwise have to travel around the entire continent of South America.

The canal was completed in 1914 and is now managed and controlled by the Panamanian government. It is one of the most widely used shipping avenues in the world and has become an important part of international trade and commerce. The canal has also become a popular tourist destination, as visitors can take a boat ride through the locks and marvel at the size and scope of the engineering feat.

What are the Things to do in The Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal is one of the most important engineering feats in modern history and is a must-see for anyone visiting Central America. There are many incredible things to do in and around the Panama Canal.

  1. Miraflores Locks: Miraflores locks is the most popular Panama Canal tour, allowing visitors to observe and learn about the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal. Here you can take a guided tour and watch ships pass through the locks. There are also interactive displays and a museum on the history of the canal.
  2. Gatun Lake Cruise: During this cruise, you will experience the beauty of Panama’s rainforests and mangroves as you navigate around Gatun Lake. You will have breathtaking views of the Panama City skyline and be able to observe the diverse and vibrant wildlife.
  3. Visit Casco Viejo: Casco Viejo is Panama City’s colonial neighborhood, and it’s home to several Caribbean-style colonial buildings, churches and parks. Wander around the cobblestone streets, take pictures and buy souvenirs from the local shops.
  4. Cruise the Panama Canal: Many cruise companies offer full-day, partial-day, and even overnight trips through the Panama Canal. You can take a helicopter tour and get a look from the air, or travel by boat to observe the locks in action and see the many engineering projects undertaken to create it.
  5. Experience the Fourth Bridge: Take a trip to the Fourth Bridge, the fourth set of locks of the Panama Canal. This bridge is the largest and highest bridge of the entire canal and offers breathtaking views of the entire region.
  6. Cross the Bridge of the Americas: The Bridge of the Americas is the most important bridge of the Panama Canal and spans the mouth of the canal. This is one of the most impressive feats of engineering in Central America and a must-see for history buffs.
  7. Tour the Panama Canal Museum: The Panama Canal Museum is located at the Miraflores Locks and offers visitors a look at the history and construction of the world-famous canal. Learn about the impact of the canal on the development of Panama and the world.
  8. Cycle Through Panama City: Join a cycling tour of Panama City, to explore all the interesting attractions. Stop by some of the local landmarks, such as Casco Viejo and the National Theatre, or visit some of the modern attractions such as the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo.
  9. Spot the Wildlife: Nature lovers can explore the Panama Canal by boat and take part in a wildlife-spotting tour. Home to over 500 species of birds and animals, you could spot crocodiles, monkeys, toucans and sloths.
  10. Visit Panama’s Beaches: Spend a relaxing day on one of Panama’s many Pacific coastline beaches. Indulge in beachcombing, sunbathe and swim in the warm, crystal blue waters. You can also take boat trips to pristine, secluded islands.

What are the Best Foods at The Panama Canal?

The best foods at the Panama Canal include fresh tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, mango, papaya, and watermelon. Local seafood dishes such as ceviche, fried snapper, and crab cakes are a must-try. Other popular dishes include sancocho, a hearty soup made with beef, pork, yucca, and plantains; arroz con pollo, a chicken-and-rice dish; and patacones, fried green plantain slices. Finally, don’t miss the Caribbean-style empanadas filled with beef, chicken, or cheese.

The Panama Canal has a wide variety of seafood and Latin American cuisine, including a variety of ceviches (raw seafood prepared with lime and spices), tamales, and other stews and soups. Other notable dishes include sancocho (a traditional Panamanian stew), empanadas, and patacones (fried plantains). Traditional Panamanian desserts, such as tres leches cake, are also popular. There are also many restaurants and eateries located within the Canal Zone itself, as well as in Panama City and the neighboring towns.

What are the Best Hotels to Stay in The Panama Canal?

The best hotels in The Panama Canal are:

  1. The American Trade Hotel
  2. Waldorf Astoria Panama
  3. Las Pergolas Hotel & Suites (Gatun Lake)
  4. The Westin Playa Bonita
  5. Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge & Garden (Colon)
  6. Mono Loco Beach House (Colon)
  7. Isla Verde Beach Hotel (Cristobal)
  8. InterContinental Miramar
  9. The Bristol Panama
  10. The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort (Buenaventura)

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