Merzouga Morocco Sahara Desert Tallest Dunes

Merzouga is a small village in southeastern Morocco, nestled deep in the Sahara Desert. Its famous dunes, the tallest in the region, stand at a height of 150 meters, and are a stunning sight as they glisten in the sunlight. The surrounding area is an open-air natural playground, perfect for exploring and activities like biking, camel rides, and sandboarding. The best time to visit is sunset, where you can admire the beautiful ochre and apricot-colored sand.

Merzouga Morocco Sahara Desert Tallest Dunes

Merzouga Morocco Sahara Desert Tallest Dunes Summary

  • Attraction Name: Merzouga
  • Country: Morocco
  • Continent: African
  • Capital Name: Rabat
  • Language: Arabic and Standard Moroccan Berber
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham
  • Nationality: Moroccan(s)

Merzouga is a great destination for travelers of all kinds. With its desert landscapes and adjacent dunes, the Erg Chebbi sand sea provides an incomparable sight. The desert is home to many activities for adventurers, including 4×4 excursions, camel treks, sandboarding, and dune buggy rides.

Travelers can even explore by night, gazing at the stars in one of the darkest skies in the world. Additionally, the nearby village has a variety of accommodations and tours, allowing for deep exploration of local culture. All of these features make Merzouga an amazing must-see destination.

Tell us about Merzouga Morocco

Merzouga Morocco is a small town in southeastern Morocco, located near the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the second largest in North Africa. The town serves as a base for those wanting to explore the surrounding area and the dunes. There is a thriving tourist industry, with camel trekking, off-road jeep tours and sandboarding among the many activities available.

The town has a small local population, and the majority of visitors come from outside of the country. Merzouga is also known for its warm and welcoming hospitality, offering visitors a unique insight into Moroccan culture and cuisine.

What are the things to do in Merzouga Morocco?

Merzouga is a small town located in the Moroccan Sahara. It’s a great spot for vacationers looking to experience the stunning beauty of the desert landscape. Merzouga offers a variety of activities to fill your days.

  1. One of the most popular activities in Merzouga is a guided Sahara Desert tour. You’ll get the chance to explore this vast region of Morocco on 4x4s and by camel. Your guide will bring you to secluded vistas and educational points, teaching you more about the region’s history and customs.
  2. If you want to go for a more relaxed experience, you can go sandboarding or quad biking on the sandy dunes. The sea of sand will make you feel as if you’re in another world.
  3. The sunset camel rides are amazing in this part of the world, specifically from the seemingly endless Erg Chebbi dunes. See the sun dip below the horizon while you ride your camel, a one-of-a-kind experience.
  4. In the evening, take part in a drum circle and traditional storytelling around the fire. Many local restaurants even offer local dishes to try.
  5. Explore the ancient Kasbah of the Sahara and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the people of this region. Visit the local market and pick up souvenirs for friends and family back home.
  6. Spend the night in a traditional nomadic tent or a luxury camp. You’ll still be able to feel the warmth of the desert from the comfort of your own bed.
  7. Finally, take a boat ride along the nearby Merzouga Lakes and take in the amazing views of the area. You’ll be able to spot different types of birds, amphibians, and other wildlife as you pass by.

What are the best foods at Merzouga Morocco?

Merzouga is a small village in Eastern Morocco known for its local cuisine, which includes plenty of tagines, couscous, kebabs, and seafood dishes. Popular dishes include Harira, a spicy lentil soup, Bastilla, a savory pie, Mechoui, a roasted whole lamb, Gegmeloualle, a pastilla-style pastry, and Makouda, deep-fried potato balls.

The best foods at Merzouga include tagines, couscous with vegetables, lamb brochettes, vegetable pastilla, Moroccan salads, and fig and orange tart.

What are the best hotels to stay in Merzouga Morocco?

The best hotels to stay in Merzouga are:

  1. Hotel Xaluca
  2. Sahara Sky Hotel
  3. Desert Nights Camp
  4. Kasbah Zahra
  5. Rissani desert night
  6. Riad Dar Rouge
  7. Palace Du Sud
  8. Desert Luxury Camp
  9. Le Visiteur Du Desert
  10. Erg Chebbi Desert Camping
  11. Camping Desert Adventure
  12. Ksar Bicha Hotel and Campsite
  13. Riad Sahara
  14. Hotel Sahara

What is the next tourist destination after you visit Merzouga Morocco Sahara Desert Tallest Dunes?

The next attractions in Morocco you must visit are:

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  2. Chefchaouen, The Blue City
  3. Fes Medina and University
  4. Merzouga Desert and its Ergs
  5. Agadir Beach
  6. Essaouira Beach and City
  7. Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
  8. Museum of Moroccan Arts, Rabat
  9. Todgha Gorge
  10. Oasis of M’Hamid El Ghizlane

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